Beacon Helps Producers

Scheduling and Balancing

Beacon offers scheduling and balancing services throughout the entire logistics chain. We monitor pipeline and storage notices and inform you of any activities that will affect the flow of your production.

We also provide imbalance management. Every month we report on the change in your imbalance and we will contact you should the imbalances approach asset threshold percentages.

Pipeline Optimization

Beacon can help recover pipeline demand fees by increasing the utilization of your firm and interruptible pipeline capacity.


The Beacon team adds value to your assets through the strong relationships and knowledge gained from our years of energy marketing experience. We work with you to bring your existing production to market and increase returns by utilizing the pricing strategy that best fits your portfolio. We can also provide an initial market and pipeline analysis for new production prospects. With Beacon you never lose control of your production.

Risk Management

Beacon will analyze and monitor the risk associated with your production so that we can offer a marketing strategy that meets your financial and risk management objectives. Beacon will also manage your counter-party risk through diversification and by only selling to investment grade counter-parties. In an ever-changing regulatory environment, Beacon Energy will work with you to bring your business into compliance.


Beacon offers accounting services. We follow your product from wellhead to invoice. We will work with the all counter-party accounting representatives to assure there are no issues with regard to settlement and cash flow.

Producer Services

  • Natural gas
  • Crude oil
  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)
  • Creative solutions for liquid needs
  • Risk management - analyze hedges

Whether it is locating NGL pipelines, finding rail service or trucking solutions, Beacon can and will find options to get the liquids moved.

  • Wellhead connections
  • Nomination and scheduling
  • Gathering, transportation and balancing
  • Contract and rate negotiations

Beacon can assist with wellhead connections, processing/gathering agreements, contract, and rate negotiations.
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