Full Service Management

Scheduling and Balancing

Beacon offers scheduling and balancing services throughout the entire logistics chain. Our experienced team works with you and the customers utilizing your asset to identify and resolve any issues that will affect product flow and operations.

Beacon can reduce your marketing costs.

Asset Optimization

Beacon's team has over 15 years of experience analyzing and developing optimization strategies for both pipeline and storage assets. We strive to help you increase returns and improve operations.


The Beacon team adds value to your assets through the strong relationships and knowledge gained from our years of energy marketing experience.

Risk Management

Beacon has implemented the systems and processes required to analyze the risks and rewards of our customers' assets. Beacon uses this analysis and market insight to recommend marketing strategies designed to meet those financial and risk management objectives.


Beacon offers accounting services. We will work with all counterparty accounting representatives to assure there are no issues with settlement and cash flow.

Other Solutions

Beacon offers integrated solutions for the producer through its affiliate entities, the BFX Companies.

Midstream Services

  • Scheduling and Balancing
  • Asset Optimization
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Accounting
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